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Yes - the lockdown will be extended.

SO we will be postponing all scheduled in-person classes until later this spring. Ticket holders should check their email for the new date(s).

The #openlocalwine event will still proceed as planned on April 10th however only with tasting kits and virtual Zoom class. Visit our website to grab your spot for this fun class which will happen at the same time as most of our Ontario wineries are celebrating along with us.

We will also continue to produce and sell wine tasting kits throughout the lockdown.

Newsletter subscribers AKA “Wanderers” get the availability counts first every Monday so make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out!

Any groups out there in Sudbury and area that want to order 10 kits can customize the wines included and opt for either a pre-recorded tasting class or a LIVE Zoom class.

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