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Wine Kits 2.0

Our unique and first-of-its-kind wine tasting kits are such a hit that our little bar has been quite a high production zone lately.

Aside from our regular (but fun) wine tasting kits, we are working on:

  • new ones that have small food pairings/snacks,

  • TWO (2) special and creative Father's Day kits

  • a keto-friendly wine kit

  • and a celebratory 20th Anniversary kit for Rosehall Run.

We have also decided to keep producing kits for the next several months and into the fall as long as we have time to produce them.

Now - once the COVID restrictions loosen - you can either join us for some time with us on the patio or order a couple of wine kits to take with you to the cottage or to catch up with family or friends this summer.

To keep up with all of our announcements, kit changes and more, make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter for our Monday updates by completing the form below.

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