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Welcome Lacey Estates!


are excited to welcome Liz Lacey of Lacey Estates via Zoom on Thursday to share a bit about the winery's history and what's to come for 2022 and beyond.

Lacey Estates winery established in 2003 is a family-run vineyard and wine business led by husband and wife Kimball and Liz Lacey. Located in beautiful Hillier, Prince Edward County. The emphasis is on small batch unique wines such as skin fermented gewurztraminer, orange wine, sparkling and full bodied Chardonnays. Join us for build-your-own flights, live music and discounted bottle sales. We have made a page where we will update the wineries confirmed where you can plan our your visits ahead - click here to view!

It's time to start making Thursdays your favourite night of the week!

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