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Quick! Or You'll Miss It!

This week's Passport Menu is online now for ordering this weekend.

After the Wanderer subscribers placed their orders, we are down to only 3 packages left of this week's Northern Italy menu.

Truffle & White Bean Soup
The Italians have a way with bean soups. This recipe has its style origins in the refined cooking of Piedmont, home to black, and white, truffles.
Pappardelle with Beef Ragù & Pecorino Fondue
This authentic Piedmontese-style ragu sauce combines perfectly with the rich, pronounced flavour of creamy pecorino for the perfect pasta dish.
Olive Oil & Polenta Cake
In the tradition of Italian cakes, it's not overly sweet and would be the ideal accompaniment for a glass of Marsala to end a meal - but we are serving it with wine-poached figs and whipped mascarpone.
Wine Pairing:
Ca' del Baio Langhe Nebbiolo Bric del Baio 2019 - Piedmont, Italy
On the nose, delicately fruity, conjuring up wild berries and raspberry jam. Dry, warm and well-balanced, with a nicely tannic finish.

So we don't have any hungry fans, Stephanie is starting a small batch of Coq Au Vin today to allow for a couple of France menus for sale this weekend, as well.

Even though we will be re-opening for indoor dining soon, these menus will continue periodically throughout 2022 - but just not as often.

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