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One more week!

Let's hope this is the LAST week of indoor dining closures!

Last week, the Provincial Government announced that indoor dining can resume at a 50% capacity starting Monday, January 31st.

As we are not open on Mondays (for now) and we have a wine pairing class scheduled for Tuesday, our regular in-person dining schedule resumes on Wednesday, February 2nd.

Here are the stats/facts that you should know...

  • Our maximum capacity for regular dining & classes for the next 3 weeks (minimum) is 15.

  • Our maximum capacity for private events for the next 3 weeks (minimum) is 10.

  • Maximum seating per table for the next 3 weeks (minimum) is 10 people (and we only have 1 space where this will fit).

  • If all goes well in these next three weeks, we can increase our indoor capacity back to 100% capacity (29) and 25 for private events by February 21st. No maximum number of guests per table by that time as well.

  • If all goes well for the NEXT 3 weeks (March 14th) , all remaining restrictions will be lifted including capacity of private indoor events and no limits for outdoor events/dining (just in time for patio season!)

  • Regardless of restriction level/timeframe, QR code with proof of vaccination required for all indoor dining and events. If you don't have yours yet, click here to download it now!

Of course, these dates can all be changed a bit along the way so please keep an eye on our blog or newsletter for the most up-to-date dining and COVID information.

So... for this last week, we are focusing on getting our dining area sparkling clean and pretty, getting any food orders in (fresh oysters are en route!) and any advanced food prep ready for next week's new 2022 menu!

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