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Moving Into GREY (Lockdown) 😟

Ontario is moving Sudbury and Manitoulin back into lockdown, effective Friday, March 12th at 12:01 am.

That means all restaurants in Sudbury and Manitoulin will be moving to take-out and delivery only for the duration of the lockdown.

  • Indoor and outdoor service prohibited

  • Take out, drive through and delivery permitted, including alcohol

As our usual small plates menu doesn't really fit with a take out format, we are going to remain closed throughout this lockdown period until we come out the other side.

  • Each week, we will review the upcoming class schedule and reschedule as needed. Ticket holders will be contacted by email and will have the option to either refund their ticket or keep their seats for the new class date.

  • Each week, we will review the upcoming week's indoor dining reservations and will contact each guest to remind that we are closed and offer to move their reservation to a new date in the future or just cancel.

In the meantime, we will work on new menu, new features and new special events for when we get to re-open.

So let's all hunker down and get through this together safely... we will serve you again very soon!

Stay safe!

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