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Have a burning question?

During our weekly classes, sometimes by email or messages received through social media, Stephanie is asked SO many questions about...

where to find a particular ingredient for a recipe

wine recommendations

dining etiquette

menu or recipe ideas

ingredient substitutions

We thought it would be fun for her to start answering these questions publicly - so everyone can benefit from the answers.

SO... if you have a question that you've been itching to ask, now is your time!

There are a few ways to submit your question...

  1. By email to:

  2. By leaving a voicemail at: 1-705-586-3386 (Option 2 for Legacy Suites - so your call isn't actually answered by one of our team)

  3. By sending a direct message (text or video) via Instagram (@wanderfoodandwine), Twitter (@stephaniepiche) or Facebook (@wanderfoodandwine).

Please note:

  • Questions sent in text will be read out loud in a live video format in the next week or two (date to be announced).

  • Questions sent to voicemail will be played live on the video.

  • Questions sent by video - audio will be played live on the video, but will be added in original video format into the edited version for the new YouTube channel.

We will keep this going as long as you have questions... so keep them coming!

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