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YES Theatre Summer Partnership

Creating a complete art+wine-loving adventure!

Starting Tuesday, August 31st and running throughout the first 3 weeks of September, Wander Food & Wine is thrilled to be partnering with YES Theatre to offer theatre goers with a delicious themed promotional treat with every ticket purchased.

Watch a concert & be inspired
This summer’s programming is all about reconnecting safely. These three concerts are the centre piece of the season, all taking place Live from the Grotto. We’ve curated a series of high energy passion filled concerts with twelve vocalists and a live band of six musicians. Join YES Theatre artists and experience epic concerts.
- Y.E.S. Theatre

Simply present your ticket (or stub) to your server at Wander Food & Wine and redeem it for a free small tapa (small plated appetizer) when you purchase a glass of wine from a special themed wine selection to match the “theme” of the corresponding YES Theatre Production.

“Ghosts of Broadway” ➡️ sparkling wines

A love letter to the power of storytelling. Some of Broadway’s biggest and boldest songs re-interpreted to explore what makes musical theatre so special. Rediscover the inspiration, passion and energy that can only be found in the theatre!

Tapa options:

Small parmesan truffle fries

Mini mac’n‘cheese

Salmon rillettes

“Through Rose-Coloured Glasses” ➡️ rosé wines

A concert exploring the life and times of one of music's greatest legends, Elton John. With beloved music as well as short anecdotes and moments from Elton’s life; offering audiences a “behind the curtain” look at the impact and legacy of his artistry.

Tapa options:

Goat cheese stuffed pepper

Gambas al ajillo (shrimp with garlic)

Croquetas de jamon (ham croquettes)

“Song To The Moon” ➡️ Women-made wines

Songs and stories about belief in the possibility of change and hope for a beautiful future. Popular music, thoughtfully rearranged and re-examined, stripped to its essence and served as an encouragement to understand otherness. The Women explore facets of a path towards change re-examined in the context of the phases of the Moon.

Tapa options:

Albondigas (mini Spanish meatballs)

Chocolate, Olive Oil & Sea Salt Toast

Baguette with Dukkah

Ready for THEATRE SEASON?!? Grab you tickets today and welcome September in with artistic flair (and wine 🍷 )!

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