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Welcome to Stage 2!

We know that everyone is excited about Stage 2... because you can finally go and get that hair done! 😆

However - for restaurants, the only change in regulations is that we can start seating groups of 6 per table starting Wednesday, June 30th.

Other rules still apply. Masks on whenever you aren't seated at your table.

We are now anticipating Stage 3 to begin by no later than Wednesday, July 21st but if we hear that the date may be moved up we will let everyone know.

Stage 3 allows for indoor dining!

As many of our class guests were nervous about bad weather interrupting the classes these next couple of weeks, we have postponed the scheduled classes until later in the month so that we can reserve tables indoors for all classes for the rest of the season.

If you want to join us for one of our classes, click here!

Our first special event scheduled is our Oysters & Bubbles tasting and shucking class scheduled for Saturday, July 10th at 2pm. This class will be held outdoors on the patio even if we are in Stage 3. (First-time oyster shuckers should be shucking outside, right?)

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