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Welcome to Re-Opening Week (for us)!

We are hearing that our fellow restauranteurs had a great couple of patio days this weekend. So great to hear about the enthusiasm for patio dining again in Downtown Sudbury!

It may be raining today, but it is looking like we have sunshine ahead - just in time! ☀️

We open officially at 5pm tomorrow with a new patio, new menu and even a couple of new staff to welcome you.

We are quickly filling with reservations for this week, however, so if you planned on visiting us this week, please make your reservation online ASAP as most classic "Sudbury dinnertime" hours (5:30pm-6pm) are already full a couple of days of this week.

(Hint: Reservations right at 5pm or at 7-7:30pm should be easier to obtain this week.)

We are excited to get back to our wine pairing class schedule next week as well.

In-person classes start with our Wanderer-Exclusive KIN Vineyards Tasting Event. This event is NOT promoted publicly and is for newsletter subscribers only. Fill out the form on the bottom of our homepage to sign up!

To catch up on other upcoming classes, click here.

Don't forget that our menu will be updated every Monday on the website - including our FULL wine list! You can find it by clicking here.

QR codes will be set up on each table instead of printed menus this summer so it's quick and easy for us to update and you can then look at it online before you arrive.

Our operating hours may change slightly here and there this summer as we see who is coming and when, but for the time being, it will be:

Tuesday to Thursday 5pm-9pm

Friday 11am to 10pm

Saturday 4pm-10pm

Our lunch service will only be on Fridays for now until we see how much demand there is for patio lunches. We will add on day(s) as needed.

As before, all reservations are still set at 2-hour blocks and for now can be for a group of 4 per table. You can click the button below to make a reservation now.

Stay safe. See you on the patio soon!

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