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We are back at Cinefest!

We are excited to be working with Cinefest again this season!

The last time we catered a party for them was the fall of 2019 when we were offering a sneak peak at what Wander would taste like. 😁

This year, we are back for a good chunk of the week and since we need our whole team onsite to make these events a success, we are going to close on those nights so we don't short-change the event guests OR our guests at Wander.

Here is the schedule starting this Saturday, September 17th:

  • Saturday, September 17th - CLOSED (private Cinefest party)

  • Sunday, September 18th - Cinefest Gala Reception at Laking Toyota (visit for tickets)

  • Monday, September 19th - closed as usual

  • Tuesday, September 20th - CLOSED (private Cinefest party)

  • Wednesday, September 21st - open as usual

  • Thursday, September 22nd - open as usual (Tasting Room Thursday featuring @fourthwallwines !)

  • Friday, September 23rd - open as usual

  • Saturday, September 24th - CLOSED (private Cinefest party)

What a week!

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