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Ready for in-person classes again!

... but we will host them on the patio this summer. :)

We are gearing up to kick-start our in-person classes the week of June 21st.

Those that had previously purchased tickets should check the website now to double-check the new, possibly postponed, date for their class.

You should also ensure that your group is no more than 4 people for the first several weeks' classes. (We anticipate being able to seat 6 together later in July.)

Quantities of tickets will "flex" based on seating at the 4 tables on the patio.

For example, if we sell 3 groups of 2 tickets (3 couples), we will only have 1 table left with a maximum of 4 seated at the table for a total ticket count of 10 for that class.

If you already have a couple of tickets purchased for a class and would like to add 1 or 2 more guests to your table, send us an email so we can arrange it for you outside of the Eventbrite system.

NOTE: If the weather forecast forces us to postpone the class, we will email all guests as soon as possible and will choose the next available Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for the rescheduled class. At that time, guests can opt to switch to another class or request a refund if they cannot make the new class date. If you don't hear from us by 12pm of the class date, it is still on schedule as planned.

We will have umbrellas and awnings to protect everyone from short, light rainfall, but anything more than that with/without lightening will force a class postponement.

We can't wait to chat about food and wine with you again - see you on the patio!

P.S. "Wanderers" AKA Newsletter subscribers get occasional invites to special,discounted classes not on the public calendar. We have one scheduled for that first week we open... make sure to be signed up for our weekly newsletters so you don't miss your chance on these exclusive events!

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