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Proof of Vaccination

As of September 22, 2021, you will need to provide proof of vaccination to access certain businesses and settings - including indoor dining at restaurants.

Therefore, starting September 22nd, indoor dining at Wander Food & Wine will require all guests to bring along a copy of their Proof of Vaccination (either a printout or electronic version on their mobile device) along with photo ID. Guests without this Proof of Vaccination are welcome to join us on our patio up until October 15th (the current cutoff date the City closes sidewalk patios). If the City extends the outdoor dining timeframe, we will let everyone know in a future newsletter.

FAQs Q. What exactly is “Proof of Vaccination” and how do I get one? A. When you signed up for vaccination - either online or in person - and you gave them your email address, you should have received a PDF receipt by email right after your vaccination. You can simply print out that receipt and bring it with you for indoor dining or accessing other indoor events this fall until the new QR code system is implemented in October. Once we have more information to share about the QR code system, we will add it to an upcoming newsletter and here on the blog.

Q. Can guests on the patio come in to use the washroom? A. Of course! A face mask will be required to walk through our indoor space, however. Q. Will masks still be required indoors for those who are fully vaccinated? A. Yes. Social distancing between tables and standard mask requirements (while not seated) will still be required and enforced. Q. What will happen with wine tasting classes and these new rules? A. As our classes have moved indoors now to avoid inclement weather, to attend a class indoors will require Proof of Vaccination. If any ticket holder wishes to sit outside on the patio for a class night before October 15th (due to personal choice or lacking Proof of Vaccination), we ask that they notify us a minimum of 24 hours in advance so we can set up a table for them outside. Please note that if the weather changes, we cannot move the table of guests inside at the last minute.

Q. What about Wander staff? A. We have not had to create any set policy on vaccination as we are a small team and are all currently fully vaccinated and conduct rapid COVID-19 tests weekly at the start of each week. As we are hiring new staff this fall, we will take vaccination status into consideration when making hiring and overall staffing decisions to keep our guests safe during this upcoming indoor dining season. Learn more about proof of vaccination and how it will help further protect Ontarians from COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

Get your proof of vaccination here if you can’t find your emailed receipt or want to request a new one.

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