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Off To The County!

Stephanie and Alex are headed to Prince Edward County today for a “taste and buy” trip.

Although we already have a great selection of Ontario wines in stock, we are always looking for new finds and since Alex has not yet had the chance to visit Prince Edward County and meet some of the people behind the County’s best wines, we decided that now is the time.

Note: Stephanie and Alex will be returning to Sunbury late Tuesday so we will be closed that evening.

The plan is to visit 10 wineries in two days for in-depth tastings and learning about each winery so the car can be full of delicious finds to add to our upcoming annual Ontario Wine Weekend slated for Friday, September 3rd to Sunday, September 5th.

Our Ontario Wine Weekend showcases dishes that pay homage to a few favourites from the wine regions we visit in the province and we offer a build-your-own flight menu of a large list of Ontario wines to allow guests to mix-and-match and find a new local favourite.

It is always a busy weekend, so make your reservation early by clicking RESERVATIONS at the top menu!

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