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Now under RED Restrictions!

As of today, Sudbury is now under RED/Control measures.

For restaurants, this now means we must operate under the following guidelines...

  • MAXIMUM of 10 patrons seated indoors

  • Screening of patrons is required. (We ask you the questions upon entry or if registered for a class, we email the questions the same day.)

  • Patrons are to be seated 2 metres from the next table or impermeable barrier required between tables. (We do have portable PVC barriers if needed.)

  • Limit of 4 people may be seated together - and as of Wednesday, March 10th, all 4 people must belong to the same household. We will be asking you upon entry to verbally attest that you are either:

a) joining a table only with your own household members; or

b) joining a table only with one other household, if you live alone; or

c) joining a table with another household, if you are a caregiver (essential for

maintaining mental or physical health) for someone in that household.

  • Contact information required to be collected for all patrons.

  • Face coverings required except when eating or drinking only. This means a mask is required when entering or exiting the premises, when going to the restroom, to look at the Wine Board or whenever you get up from you seat.

  • Staff will be wearing masks and eye protection when coming within 2 meters of your table when you aren't wearing a mask.

  • Establishments must be closed from 10 p.m.

  • Liquor sold or served only until 9 p.m.

As we are a small enough venue that the 10 person maximum is feasible for us, we will be remaining open and operating as usual but adhering to the new guidelines as listed above.

If you have registered for a class with someone outside of your household that is scheduled within the next couple of weeks, please let us know if you would like a refund or to switch your tickets to another class later in the spring.

If you have a reservation for indoor dining with us and your reservation was supposed to be with someone (or a group) outside of your household, please let us know in advance about rescheduling or dividing your table with PVC barriers as available.

For all of the other details on what the rules are for RED/Control, CLICK HERE.

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