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NEW Online Reservations

We have made a little adjustment to our online reservation system.

Similar to the old system, but with a new added feature of automatic bookings for groups of 4 or less.

Groups of 5 to 8 can still submit a reservation request like always for us to approve it to make sure we have seating available.

It will send you a reservation reminder the day before as well!

PLEASE NOTE: with the new webpage having the same name as the old one, Google (and your cookies) are still a little confused. If you go to your usual page link on your device, you may see an 404 error. Just click the button that says “Go Back Home” and from the home page, click Reservations at the top.

Supposedly, with page name changes, it takes a bit for Google to get caught up.

Hoping it gets ironed out soon… thanks for your patience as we get these changes underway!

And just in time for our last patio week of 2023! ☀️

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