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New Changes Ahead (Again)!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

SO …we were planning a semi-normal New Years Eve and now this…

The Provincial Government has taken the restrictions one step further as of 12:01am tomorrow (Sunday) and here is the need-to-know list of how it affects restaurants:

  1. Only allowed 50% capacity (even with our 4 tables) so at Wander that caps us at 15 guests at a time.

  2. No alcohol to be sold after 10pm (meaning last call at 10pm).

  3. No alcohol consumed after 11pm and we must close by 11pm.

  4. No indoor events/gatherings of more than 10 people (referring to private parties & events).

  5. Other restrictions still apply… no more than 10 people per table, 6ft between tables/seating (meaning rarely used bar seats) and proof of double vaccination to dine indoors.

For the most part, it won’t affect us harshly for day-to-day dining, however New Years Eve and classes/events for January will be most affected.

  1. All ticket holders for the 10pm seating at NYE will be contacted about what they wish to do. With only 1 hour of dining and only with one brief wine order allowed, it doesn’t leave much room for fun. If any other options or ideas arise, we will let ticket holders know by email shortly.

  2. Ticket sales for all NYE seatings and all January classes will now be capped at 15 seats only. If the restrictions are lifted before each event, we will release additional tickets as we are able to.

  3. Anyone who had booked a private group event for January (or February, possibly) for more than 15 people will be contacted about rescheduling.

We will do our best to keep the same format and atmosphere for NYE and other events as planned as we are confident in our health and safety protocols and are DETERMINED not to let COVID-19 knock us down again!

We appreciate your support and understanding as we pivot once again!

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