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Navigating the Durham/Larch Closure

While the Downtown of the future is being constructed, starting August 22nd please use this guide over the next 2 weeks to plan your visits to the core.

We understand that this process can be slightly frustrating however we also know that our Downtown is ready to impress and will make it well worth the planning and the trip down!

Rest assured that all our businesses are still open and very much look forward to seeing you through this construction phase. We are grateful for your patience as we navigate this progress and cannot wait to see you through summers end (eeep!!) in the Downtown Core.

Please note the following:

  • Bus Routes have been amended, please see our bus route information below the PARKING MAP.

  • Larch St. in front of the Medical building will change to Two-ways to allow for access to that building as well as parking and other establishments. Please follow through Old City Hall Lane, turning right out of the parking lot

  • Lower Durham and Larch can be accessed VIA Old City Hall Lane

  • Medina Lane will continue to access and intersect Durham.

  • Please plan your routes accordingly and use our maps to find the closest parking zone to your destination of choice.

Bus Route Information: Due to the Durham/Larch Street closure downtown, the City of Greater City advises that four bus stops will be out of service,: YMCA (1080), Larch Medical Centre (1060), St Andrews Place (1005), and Sudbury Arena (1110). In order to assist businesses and the public, please see below for alternate bus stops/routes to use during this time (highlighted in yellow):

  • A temporary bus stop will be installed on Minto at Medina lane for INBOUND trips on Route 3, Route 4, Route 10, Route 14 to access Larch Street Medical Centre/YMCA.

  • Durham Stop (1002) on Cedar Street/Durham can be used on OUTBOUND trips on Route 3, Route 10, Route 11, Route 13, Route 25, Route 101 to access Larch Street Medical Centre.

  • Durham/Elgin Stop (1085) on Elgin at Durham can be used on OUTBOUND Route 3, Route 4, Route 10 to access YMCA and Centre for Life.

  • YMCA Stop (1090) can be used on OUTBOUND Route 3 and Route 14 to access YMCA & Centre For Life.

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