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More space = more seats!

With the success of the recent policy of restricting indoor dining to fully vaccinated guests, the Province of Ontario has now announced that restaurants will no longer be restricted to set capacity limits or table distancing starting Monday, October 25th.

This means that we can open our bar seating again! 👏

Solo diners usually prefer bar seating and we are thrilled to be able to welcome them back to our friendly, chatty bar.

Even for couples or small groups, the bar is THE place for fun conversation and checking out what the bartender is making or pouring that you now want to order NEXT.

Wander was originally designed with the bar as its centerpiece.

Comfortable, swivel bar stools

Outlets for charging your laptop, phone or tablet

Hooks for purses, backpacks or shopping bags.

Even our Tuesday wine pairing classes will now include the choice of bar or table seating!

We know that standard table dining is still the most popular choice in Sudbury, so we will still encourage reservations for this type of seating.

However, we will go back to our policy from when we first opened and keep bar seating Wednesday to Saturday as first come, first seated.

No reservations for the bar - walk-ins only.

See you at the bar?

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