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Missed last week's Passport Menu?

Don't worry... there is another amazing menu planned for this week but this time, there will only be 6 packages available!

BUT Stephanie has promised to squeeze in another small batch of coq au vin for this week as we found a couple more bottles of that amazing Burgundy!

Thursday morning, the packages for the new menu and whatever French menus are confirmed available will be added to the Online Ordering page.

Pick-up available (with pre-order) Thursday, Friday 4-7pm or Saturday 2-7pm.

As always - as a Wanderer subscriber, you can get the chance to order these packages before it goes up on the website for general if you want a night off of cooking, plan ahead!

(Psst...we pre-sold 2 of the new packages within the first hour of the newsletter going out...)

We are planning to only launch these every second week throughout the year, but since we have another week of lockdown ahead, let's keep it going. :)

Don't forget! Each menu purchased allows you one step closer to getting a chance to win a Gourmet Dinner for 10 in your home!

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