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Making a Reservation With Us

It has been such a great first week back!

Thanks to all of you who graced us with your wine-loving presence over this past week. It was great to see all of you and catch up on what you’ve been up to and what you’re looking forward to for Spring 2021.

Just a reminder about making reservations with us…

1. With only 4 tables and a maximum of 4 guests per table [orange COVID-19 restrictions] tables get reserved quickly - especially on weekends.

2. We still like to keep our reservations at a 2 hour maximum time limit so please keep that in mind when you are choosing your time to dine with us.

3. Orange COVID-19 restrictions also mandate us to stop serving alcohol at 9 PM and have all alcohol removed from the table by 10 PM. Please keep this in mind when you are making a late reservation with us on the weekend.

4. Online reservations are preferred as opposed to emails or DMs as it ties into our website and allows us to create a proper queue.

5. Walk-ins are always welcome as well! If you stop by and noticed that the tables are full, feel free to ask one of our team members when a table may be free and we can call you as soon as it’s available.

We hope we can always accommodate anyone who wants to come and spend time with us!

To access our online reservation system, go to the Reservations section on our website at:

See you soon!

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