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It's hard to keep up!

The tasting kits are selling REALLY well and we are thrilled that everyone wants one (or more), but they are selling so fast that by the time someone reads a social media post about class theme, they are sold out and we are on to the next one. (Good problem to have, I know.)

Just so you know all of the steps taken to make each kit theme (so you'll understand why we don't launch a few at a time, etc.)...

  1. Bottles are selected and photographed.

  2. Tasting Notes are typed up.

  3. Class video is taped.

  4. Sidney creates social media posts and other marketing for the kit launch.

  5. Video is edited.

  6. Video goes through "encoding". (Geek term for making it clearer and better for YouTube.)

  7. Video gets uploaded to YouTube.

  8. Tasting notes, photo of bottles and wine region map(s) are added to YouTube notes.

  9. Video notes with food pairing suggestions are typed up.

  10. Bottle labels are created and printed.

  11. Stickers with YouTube link are created and printed.

  12. Boxes are folded and stuffed, chocolates added.

  13. Bottles are filled to order, labelled and sealed using a plastic seal and heat gun.

  14. Bottles go in boxes and are tied and set in carry out bags ready for pickup.

  15. Based on how quickly the kits sell, we quickly plan out the next kit and start the process all over again.

If you just like wine tasting and you aren't too fussy about a class theme, feel free to reach out to us and "book ahead" for the number of kits you want and when you want to pick them up - we can then add it to our calendar and touch base with you just before your chosen date to let you know what's available for you to purchase.

We will keep making them as long as you keep buying them.

(We just keep pumping Stephanie with enough coffee and snacks to get her through all the video shoots.)

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