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Introducing House Accounts!

An Easy Alternative to Traditional Gift Cards or Certificates

Have you ever been given a gift certificate, used a portion of it and then couldn't find it later to use the balance?

Have you ever been given a gift certificate and wanted to use it for different things at the same place?

Are you a frequent guest at Wander who likes to bring clients or business associates in throughout the year and don't want to deal with the checks at the end of your visit?

A House Account may be the answer!

What can a House Account credit be redeemed for?

  • Dine-in at Wander

  • Classes & Event Tickets

  • Private Group Events

  • Bottle Sales & Other Merchandise

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a House Account?

You can start by purchasing a gift certificate(s) through our website (in $50s or $100s) and mention in the purchase process that you would like to use it for a House Account and let us know the name, email and phone number of the person who the Account should be opened for (either yourself, a gift recipient or a company name & representative).

You can also email us to send you an invoice for a set, specific amount or as a deposit for a large event.

How do you ensure that no one else uses my Account Credit?

We ask for photo ID for all Account charges.

Corporate Accounts are pre-set with a representative's name and contact information for who will be attending and authorizing the Account charge so we can verify with photo ID at the time as well.

How do I redeem credit from my Account?

You can let your server know that you would like to use your Account at the end of your next visit and your account balance is reduced like any other charge.

What is credit redeemable for?

You can redeem your credit for all food & beverage purchases at Wander, wine pairing class tickets, physical gift certificates for clients or any bottles or other merchandise for sale at Wander Food & Wine.

Does the credit expire?

The amount you pay never expires!

Do I have to use all my credit in one visit?

Absolutely not! Spread out the good meals and good times as much as you'd like.

Can I use my Account Credit to tip?

Of course! You can either add a note to your Account that you would like to set an auto-gratuity, we can take care of that for you automatically at the end of your visit. If you wish to add one manually, you can do so at any time by selecting the tip option upon checkout like you normally would with any other credit charge.

What happens if my bill is higher than my available credit?

When you’re paying your bill, we can apply the credit amount for you first and then you can pay the remainder owing using any other regular payment method of your choosing.

Just another way to make your gift giving even easier!

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