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So I got a little carried away.

Guess I have a green thumb after all!

I have already started harvesting my greens (collards, kale, lettuces, herbs) and using them in recipes for the bar menu but mostly in the classes lately since I only have so much of each ready each day.

As I have items ready for harvesting, I will add them to the day's menu to add a little freshness.

When certain ingredients are ready in large quantities (patty pans, padron peppers, tomatoes), I will feature them in their own individual recipes on the menu.

It's best to keep these fresh homegrown ingredients prepared simply.

So, stay tuned...I will post here on the blog as I pick and pluck so you, Dear Reader, will be the first to get a taste.

Patty pan squash, tomatoes, beets, multi-coloured carrots, fennel, Spanish padron peppers and more - all coming very soon (I hope).

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