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Fridays at Wander are 🔥

Sunshine, patio drinks, pinchos and VIBES are in the forecast for tonight! 🕶️

Reservations are already filling up but as our reserved groups choose their table (inside vs outside), other tables should free up…

👉 Open for lunch, drinks and tapas at 12pm

👉 Oysters & Bubbles Happy Hour 4-6pm

👉 Reduced menu from 4-9pm while pinchos are out

👏 Always Available menu to keep you going from 9pm til close

🎶”It’s Friday night and the

weekend’s here

I need to unwind, where’s the

party, Mr. DJ (Mr. DJ)

I am all ready to call my friends

So we could all get down

Where’s the party, hey-hey-hey Mr. D.J

Hey Mr. D.J

You can get this started

Everybody’s ready to party

All night, all night

All the girls are ready…” 🎶

Hey Mr. DJ - Zhané

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