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"Flight" Plan

We created a “flight plan”. ;)

With over 35 wines available by-the-glass, choosing a wine flight for a guest (let alone a whole table full) has been a little tricky some days.

Everyone likes different styles and our Feature Flight program wasn’t always EXACTLY what a guest was looking for.

So - we have come up with a plan to be able to have wines curated and ready for a flight request in advance if pre-booked.

Our Tutored Tastings program has been expanded to offer guests to pre-book a larger selection of offerings so it’s easier to find the right one for you!

Light Whites

Bold Whites

Racy Rosés

Light Reds

Big Reds

…and for those wanting a food pairing experience…

Wine & Chips

Wine & Food Trio

Wine & Culinary Adventure

And don’t forget about our new Tasting Tuesdays starting in April!

The first Tuesday of every month will be our classic 5-course wine pairing class and the other Tuesdays will become your favourite day to stop by and build-your-own flight from our entire by-the-glass selection.

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