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First of the crop!

My HUGE squash plants are finally starting to give us some pretty little patty pan squash.

This variety called "Bennings Green Tint" are light and delicious and produce so many squash that I am on the hunt for more ways to use them. (If you have recipes, send them along!)

First up - Grilled Patty Pan Squash with Spiced Chickpeas (c/o

Tried it out at last night's Oregon Wine Pairing Class and it was a lovely match to the Primarius Pinot Noir.

Grilled squash is topped with a spiced chickpea sauté and drizzled with honey, lemon and goat cheese to finish. (Ask for it without the cheese for a vegan option.)

I prepped extra for this weekend - including Friday lunch - so if you want to try something fresh and interesting, this is it!

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