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Come on in! (Starting Friday...)

Stage 3 officially starts this Friday - which means indoor dining is back!

To make things easy, we made a list of FAQs to hopefully clarify a few things...

Q. Do I get a choice on whether we can sit outside or inside?

A. Yes - but it also depends on the weather and how full we are at the time of your visit. When making a reservation, we would appreciate you adding a note on whether you would like to sit inside or on our patio.

We will assign tables based on these requests but if the weather gets miserable, we can’t automatically promise you a table inside but will do our best to help maneuver what we can so you can enjoy the rest of your visit with us.

If you request a table inside and change your mind when you arrive and opt for a patio table instead, if we have the room, we will be happy to accommodate. However, the table inside will then be offered to someone else as needed.

Q. What are the masks rules now for Stage 3?

A. According to PHSD, masks will still be required at all times on our property (inside or outside) unless seated for dining. When things change and/or we hear otherwise, we will share the rules here on our blog and social media channels.

Q. How many people can sit together now in Stage 3?

A. There are no limits to group size for seating in Stage 3 - however, we only have a few areas that will allow for groups larger than 8 people and still allow for a 2m distance between tables. For groups larger than 8, we kindly ask that you email Sidney well in advance of your chosen date at to inquire about a larger group reservation. She can also assist with any other special event inquiries that may add a little something special to your gathering.

Q. What's happening now with wine classes?

A. All classes will be held indoors starting next week (week of July 19th). The patio will still be open for guests during regular business hours.

Q. Can I book a big group event now?

A. We can host private group events inside the bar for up to 25 guests but we are only currently accepting private bookings during the day or on Sunday or Monday evenings to allow for as many guest visits as we can for the next while. You can also book for a group of 10-12 seated together during regular business hours and inquire about custom menu and/or wine pairing, cake order options by emailing Sidney at

Follow along here on our blog and on social media for more fun updates to celebrate Stage 3!

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