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Closed tonight - Sorry. :(

We are sad to inform our class attendees for tonight that the Seafood & Wine Class will have to be postponed.

Unfortunately, with yesterday’s gas leak downtown, the repairs won’t be finished until sometime later this afternoon.

It won’t be a repaired in time for us to have gas for our equipment until it’s too late for anything to be prepared.

All class attendees have been contacted by both email and phone [if a phone number was left during registration] with a potential new class date or instructions on obtaining a refund.

Without an exact timeline for the repair - we also had to let our staff know and since we don’t have most of the menu ready in time to open this evening, we have decided to also close the bar for the night as well.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

We were SO looking forward to pouring for everyone this evening.

We will just have to look forward to the next time.

Thanks to everyone for understanding.

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