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Stephanie Piché is a Chef, Cooking Instructor, Wine Educator & Travel Presenter.

Known for her unique and innovative ingredient combinations, Stephanie is a chef whose recipes continually surprise and delight. 
Her distinctive pairings of food and wines reveal a true gift for heightening the wine-pairing experience.

On her never-ending quest for new flavours and experiences, she has travelled the world to 46 countries (and counting) to gather insight and knowledge in international travel, luxury dining, local recipes and the world's best wines.

With her own website dedicated to all things food, drink and travel, Stephanie meets, chats and consults with people all over the world through Zoom, Skype, social media and in person whenever she can.

From wine and cooking classes, corporate & public events to community fundraisers, Stephanie shares her life's passions with grace and panache in her signature sparkle and high heels.


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