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To Mask or Not To Mask

Even with our local COVID case counts, we are still going to be seeing mask mandates being removed starting next Monday.

We have given it careful thought and decided to take baby steps through this change so our guests AND our team can slowly get used to it.

So... we won't be enforcing mask wearing for our guests but our staff will be given a choice on whether to wear a mask or not while working in the bar (or just around the other staff) .

HOWEVER, if a guest enters with their mask on, we will put on a mask as well to greet them, seat them and serve them at their table.

It's a sign of respect towards their comfort level.

If a staff member feels more comfortable wearing one while working, they are free to do so.

We will re-evaluate periodically as we talk to guests who visit us and make any other changes to this policy as needed throughout the spring, summer and beyond.

Please note that our staff still conducts weekly rapid testing as well.

It's up to YOU!

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