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Rain Protocol on the Patio!

Well, it's not always sunny in Sudbury unfortunately so take a look over what happens when it rains on our patio:

  • If you make a reservation and it rains prior to your table time we would appreciate a call (you can leave us a message), email, or Facebook/insta message to let us know if you will be keeping your reservation for after the rain lets up.

  • If you are here when it starts to rain you can pack up your food and wine.

Bottles of wine can be re-corked and brought home so all the more reason to by the bottle and skip the glass!
  • You can stay under our umbrellas and awnings if you would like but once it starts to thunder and lightning we will need to close the patio. ⚡️

  • WINE CLASSES ~ we will be making cancelation calls 48 hours in advance for staffing and menu prep reasons. We will be contacting you via email.

Book your table reservations online!

See you on the patio :)

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