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Personal Tasting Class Kits Are Here!

We have had great success with our virtual at-home classes for groups of households and corporate groups who want to taste wine in the comfort of their home... and we tried to incorporate ZOOM videos with the in-person dining classes here at the bar....

But we figured out something just as fun!

Introducing the new Personal Tasting Class Kits.

Each kit contains:

  • 5 x 2oz sealed glass bottles of a themed wine tasting

  • a link to a YouTube video for your personal tutored tasting of these wines, and

  • two dark chocolates as a sweet treat to end your tasting.

  • Tasting notes, a map of the wine regions and photo of the wine bottles is included as links in the YouTube video details.

Prices for the kits will vary depending on the price of the wines included and the themes will change upon availability.

For the first kit theme, the kits are introducing winelovers to the wines of Chile.

Did you know?

  • Chile is the only known phylloxera-free wine-producing country in the world.

  • It also has the highest percentage of women winemakers in the world.

  • Chile is becoming renowned for its environmental practices in winemaking and agriculture.

This Chilean Wine Tasting Kit is priced at $40.00 + HST.

Kit availability for each theme is while quantities last.

To purchase one or more kits, orders must be made via email to: to ensure availability and arrange for order pick-up.

If wanting to purchase kits for a group of 10 or more, custom kits and wine selections may be arranged.

Please note that although the wine has been sealed in new bottles, it did spend seconds in transit between bottles so we just timing your orders so that the wine is consumed with 5 days of purchasing.

Just another way we are bringing you closer to the wine you love.

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