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It's Time to Meet That Special Someone!

We heard from many guests over the last few years that they are having difficulty finding that 'special someone' and asked if we could hold a Singles Night to allow winelovers to meet and mingle.

So we did...last year.

But we think it was still too soon after COVID, so many were nervous about mingling indoors and so with slow ticket sales we decided to postpone it.

Since we notice that we are very busy (so obviously most are comfortable going out again) and we are starting to get calls for it again, we figured that it might be the right time to get this Singles Party started!

On Monday, March 6th, we have created a more relaxed perfect-for-mingling event to allow for more conversations and mingling - all while learning something about wine and food pairing.

Join us to discover 10 delicious wines while you meet new people and palates.

Your ticket includes 10 x 1oz wine sample tickets that you can redeem at the bar to sample up to 10 different delicious wines.  

Guests may order from our regular menu as well.

Each guest will also receive a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to use towards their next visit (or maybe a date 😍). 





Q. What age groups will be attending?

A. We have no idea as this is our first event. Based on the people who have been asking us to host one, we are anticipating most of the ages to range from 35 to 60.

Q. What is the mix of men to women?

A. Again - no idea. However, the last time we tried this, we had mostly women inquire but only men bought the tickets. This time, we are getting inquiries from women and men but mostly women are jumping to buy tickets early. HINT: Gentlemen, we need you!

Q. If we hit it off with someone at the event, is there a place to have a quiet conversation?

A. We will have a few tables for 2 set up at each end of the bar area for those who wish to sit and chat one-on-one. The middle of the bar area will only have cruiser tables and an open bar area for the wine samples.

Q. Will you have more than one of these Singles Nights?

A. We aren't sure yet. It will depend on how many attend this first one and then we will figure out a plan going forward.

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