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Introducing JARDÍN !

A garden-themed menu embedded in our own - just for the next couple of months…

We needed a way to incorporate all of the dishes we have planned for the freshly-picked produce coming from Stephanie’s gardens this season so we created a mini menu that will list a few dishes that will be available only as we have the necessary ingredients harvested and ready to serve.

The word JARDIN is almost the same in French or Spanish - and both translate to garden - so we thought the mix was fitting. :)

Currently, there are four “small plate” menu items that will rotate and go on and off the menu as go along…

Grilled Patty Pan Squash with Spiced Chickpeas

Beet, Carrot & Pistachio Salad with Curry Dressing (V)

Caprese Salad

Spanish Padron Peppers

For this week, we will definitely be offering the grilled squash dish - and the way its looking with the size of the squash plants and quantity of blossoms, it will be a rare day that we can’t offer it. ;)

The slightly spicy Spanish Padron Peppers should grow quickly and are harvested at a certain size, but we may only get enough for a couple of servings here and there so if you’re a fan of these little beauties, check our online menu periodically over the next week or two.

The Caprese Salad will feature whatever types of heirloom and other varieties of tomatoes are ripe and ready and will incorporate bunches of fresh basil (since there is so much ready right now and it never seems to stop growing).

The Beet & Carrot salad was served at a class last week and was a big hit! The curry dressing is EVERYTHING and we can’t wait for you to try it along with a glass of a fresh and complex orange wine.

We will “grey out” any dishes each day that aren’t available so you can always see what’s ready to serve.

We are hoping this becomes a favourite, fresh idea that we can bring back every growing season going forward. :)

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