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COVID visits Wander :(

Crazy week!

With Stephanie in France this week, the team was excited to host this week’s Tasting Room Thursday event on their own tomorrow.

BUT we now have some sad news - COVID has hit one of our staff so we are down to just three for the entire weekend.


As we were launching a new menu and with being short-staffed, we have made some changes to this weekend’s schedule to make things run as smoothly as we can.

Sadly, however, our Tasting Room Thursday event with Karlo Estates will be rescheduled to a future date - Thursday, October 6th.

Jacob Starling, however, will still be playing as scheduled from 6:30-8:30pm as planned.

Our hours for these next three days will be:

Thursday 4-9pm

Friday 4-10pm

Saturday 4-8pm

Thanks for understanding!

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