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We are already getting several requests for group events for this fall.

Here is a quick list of how we set them up currently...

1. Group tasting events of 8-10 people can be made during regular business hours. A private tasting class or event for more than 10 people for any time, it will need to be custom quoted. We can hold a maximum of 25 indoors and another 25 outdoors on the patio. (Patio will be in use until October 15th.)

2. Large group classes/tastings can be booked during regular business hours as a 2-hour reservation or when we are closed (Sundays, Mondays, daytime for having it privately). If someone wants a private group event during regular business hours (like on a Friday night), the event will need to be custom-quoted.

3. There are 3 different price points depending on format.


  • THREE (3) wine samples only with an introductory lesson to each wine served. Prices start at $20 per person + HST and can be booked online directly at this link:

  • FIVE (5) Wine & food pairings and general introduction to each course as it is served without any overly-detailed presentation. This is the best option for those groups who want to chat and socialize without a formal class/lecture but still learn a bit while they are tasting. Pricing starts at $75/person + HST + 20% gratuities.

  • FIVE (5) Wine & Food Pairings as listed above, but includes a more formal class by Stephanie with Q&A afterwards. Pricing starts at $100/person + HST + 20% gratuities.

4. For all group classes/tastings - 
   - booking is set for a 1-hour timeframe for 3 wine sampling class, 2-hour timeframe for groups of 8-10, 3-hours for groups of more than 10
   - balloons, flowers can be brought in but nothing taped to walls, furniture etc
   - a cake can be ordered in for special occasions through our partnership with Gourmet World (with advanced notice) 
   - a special bottle or two can be brought in on top of what is being served but will be charged a $30/bottle corking fee
   - when booking a private event when we are closed,  you can opt for the patio or indoors as you wish
   - all groups MUST follow all COVID guidelines in place at the time of the event (masking, Proof of Vaccination for indoor events, staying seated, no table-hopping, dancing etc.)
- a refundable deposit of $200 is requested to secure the booking date unless booking online for Tutored Tasting (3 wines) only. This deposit is refunded the day of the event.
- final headcount for events is due to be submitted 48 hours or more prior to the event date.

Our classes are fairly informal, but fun, informative and delicious!

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